Strange problem with a query deleting a record...

Barry Margolin barmar at
Sun Aug 25 02:02:35 UTC 2013

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 "Gordon A. Lang" <glang at> wrote:

> Making some assumptions about where your dig queries are being sent, I would 
> say it looks like the Squid is simply failing its DNS lookup (for whatever 
> reason), then the Squid system is retaining a 5 minute negative cache.  If 
> this is true, then the question would become why does the Squid system fail 
> on that one lookups but (presumably) succeeds on others?

The reason is that squid is requesting AAAA records, and the broken DNS 
server (a load balancer, probably) is responding with NXDOMAIN instead 

Maybe there's a configuration option in squid that tells it not to try 
to use IPv6, so it won't request AAAA records.

Barry Margolin
Arlington, MA

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