redirecting root hints to fake internal root server

Colin Harvey colinedwardharvey at
Tue Aug 27 17:07:20 UTC 2013

My environment is firewalled from the real world.  For queries on zones to which I'm not master, I want to recurse to a corporate server.  nslookup internal.corporate.server works fine.  Setting "." to use this internal server in the root.hints file does not.  In fact I do not even see my system trying to recurse.  (I'm looking at network traffic with a sniffer.)
My root.hints:
.    600    IN    NS    internal.corporate.server.
internal.corporate.server.    600    IN    A
Alternatively I've setup a forwarding zone in named.conf to query for ''.  When monitoring the network for udp data over port 53, I'm not even seeing the query being forwarded.  Why?
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