redirecting root hints to fake internal root server

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Thanks for the information.  Sorry for not posting my named.conf but privacy rules... 
My landscape is on domain for which I am wholly authoritative.  Internally I need to resolve from Corporate.  Thus I don't have the child/parent type delegation issue as you describe.  

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If you load a parent domain, in this case ., you must have a delegation for the child domain in the parent the parent. Even though that delegation isn't used for resolution purposes it lets the parent know the child exists. The child won't be forwarded if the server believes it doesn't exist. 
For example if I load and also want to forward there must be an NS delegation for it. If there isn't the server says I load and doesn't exist so there is no reason to forward. 
Hard to tell if this is your issue with no config to look at, but it may be.
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Thanks.  But I already have that option for the zone.  Still not seeing traffic going to
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>> My environment is firewalled from the real world.  For queries on 
>> zones to which I'm not master, I want to recurse to a corporate 
>> server.  nslookup 
>> internal.corporate.server works fine.  Setting "." to use this 
>> internal server in the root.hints file does not.  In fact I do not 
>> even see my system trying to recurse.  (I'm looking at network 
>> traffic with a sniffer.)
>> My root.hints:
>> .    600    IN    NS    internal.corporate.server.
>> internal.corporate.server.    600    IN    A
>> Alternatively I've setup a forwarding zone in named.conf to query 
>> for ''.  When monitoring the 
>> network for udp data over port 53, I'm not even seeing the query 
>> being forwarded.  Why?
>Add these lines to your options section:
>        forward only;
>        forwarders {;};
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