how-to configure BIND or any DNS implementation for cloud infrastructure

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Hi David,

Cloud DNS is not only possible, but desirable in many cases.  A large
anycasted provider can provide better latency and availability than most

If you're looking for a hosted DNS solution, most will accept NOTIFY
packets from a BIND instance.  If you're just looking to run a nameserver
hosted in EC2/Rackspace/etc., you can install whatever DNS server you
like--you're managing the box yourself.


On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 12:01 PM, Odimegwu David <odimegwudavid at>wrote:

> Is it possible for one to configure BIND or any DNS implementation for the
> cloud?
> I was forced to search for this forum because the exigences of my
> situation necessitates a cloud. But yet, in a cloud:
> 1. I cannot be systems administrator, even if, I don't know yet, if the
> company can give me administrator privileges.
> 2. The IP address of the machine will not possibly be my own because the
> machine will be shared by numerous subscribers to the cloud infrastructure.
> 3. I know that like all other users, i will be given set of user
> privileges that are restrictive.
> So, i am doubtful if my intentions are possible?
> Although, the domain name and zone administration recourses to me.
> With this constraints, is it possible for cloud DNS to be possible? I have
> this site in mind:, where i intend paying for server space.
> thanks
> odimegwu david
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