open-source tool for filter out stats from dns logs

Kumar, Naveen Naveen.Kumar at
Wed Jan 2 12:34:02 UTC 2013

Hi Gaurav,


Try following code and change as per your requirement (I used it to
capture uniqued IP address)

Create empty file "/tmp/out_log" before starting, so that values will be
stored and can be used even after log rotation.



use File::Copy qw(copy);

#Search unique IP address for DNS queries from query log.

my @val;

my $i=0;

#Read previously read IPs from file.

open (iplog, "/tmp/out_log") or die "File doesn't exists";

while (my $ips = <iplog>)


push (@ip_addr, $ips);



while ($i <20)


open (OUT_LOG, '>/tmp/out_log');

#Copy all the logs to a separate location


#Read them one by one and capture values

open(logs, "/tmp/Non-anycast/logs/named.log.$i") or die "File:
named.log.$i doesnot exist";

while (my $line = <logs>)



        ($dt,$tm,$clt, $ip_port,$query, $tt ) = split(/\ /,$line);

        ($ip,$port) = split(/\#/, $ip_port);

        push (@ip_addr, $ip);


close (logs);



#Get unique IPs from the array (previous logs and current logs)

my @unique_ip = do { my %seen; grep { !$seen{$_}++ } @ip_addr };

@val = sort (@unique_ip);

print "  " . $#val . "  \n" ;

#Write it to the file again for next time.

print OUT_LOG "@val ";

#end of script




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I looked for one a while back and couldn't find any good ones.  All the
ones I saw simply used the named.stats file, which wasn't enough.


I ended up exporting all query logs to a backend server and coding a
script that imported the queries into MySQL, which I then accessed with
a php app (which, after having 7 million queries in the db, takes a good
three minutes to load :/ ).  



On Sat, Dec 29, 2012 at 8:56 AM, Gaurav Kansal <gaurav.kansal at>

Dear Team,


I want to collect some stats (such as most which zone has queried most,
which DNS Server queries us most and so on) based on my DNS Logs.

Is there any open-source tool available to filter out these statistics
using my dns logs. 



Thanks and Regards,

Gaurav Kansal

Mob - 9910118448


Happy New Year 2013.

IPv4 is Over,

Are your ready for new Network.



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