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On Jan 3, 2013, at 6:06 AM, Joerg Stephan <johe.stephan at ymail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> we are currently using PowerDNS on our 12 Nameservers. Now we are thinking about a migration to bind. 
> So we are seeking a way to distribute the named.conf.x for the several zonfiles. Currently this is solved by powerdns via mysql replication. Is there any tool in bind we could use. Generating the conf file and syncing via ssh/rsync is discussed on our side, and we hoped that there is a "nicer" way. 

Yup, have a look at Puppet.

For the first while it will seem like way way more work than it is worth (and the whole declarative language bit makes my head hurt) but after investing a few hours getting things setup you'll wonder how you ever managed without it…
Deploying a new server (or configs, etc to a bunch of servers) suddenly becomes trivial...

> Many registrys are testing the dns server if the zone is available during the registration. Genrating the new files via cron would cause the registration to fail. 

Setup Puppet to distribute the file, and then have an exec action that does:
rndc addzone example.com '{type master; file "master/example.com"; };'

on master(s) and:
rndc addzone example.com '{type slave; master; };'
on devices that you have told Puppet are slaves.

After investing the time you'll wonder how you ever managed >2 boxes without it…

More more info on Puppet at: http://puppetlabs.com/puppet/puppet-open-source/ and http://docs.puppetlabs.com/learning/


> Regards
> Jörg
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