lame-servers: error (FORMERR) resolving [something]

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Tue Jan 8 20:30:14 UTC 2013

>> > Sometimes I can't resolve some addresses and, in the logs, I can find
>> > the message in the title:
>> >    lame-servers: error (FORMERR) resolving [something]
>> > (where `something` is the address I'm trying to resolve).
>> >
>> > What does it means?

>2013/1/8 Shane Kerr <shane at>
>> When acting as a recursive resolver, BIND 9 follows the chain of
>> delegation from the root, contacting name servers identified for each
>> domain on the way.
>> In this case, one of those name servers returned a packet that BIND 9
>> did not like for some reason - a FORMat ERRor. The offending server is
>> marked as "lame" since it cannot answer queries for the domain in
>> question.
>> The message should also include the IP address of the server that it is
>> going to at the end of the line.

On 08.01.13 13:05, Daniele wrote:
>So it's not my responsibility to resolve the problem, right?
>The point is that, sometimes, I can't resolve an address because of this
>lame servers, and dig (for example) fails.
>Is it possible?

possible, yes. but I would not be sure, since there are many different
reasons for the lookups to fail.

and there are few web services that check proper DNS functionality. I advise
check with more of them, since there's none I would completely trust.

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