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Dave Warren lists at
Wed Jan 9 00:01:39 UTC 2013

On 1/8/2013 13:48, Mike Hoskins (michoski) wrote:
> Thanks for sharing both.
> Like the built-in sanity checks...Wonder why the fedora folks don't
> automate the serial number update, since in my experience that seems to be
> one of the top silly mistakes with BIND updates?
> Our push process sets that to the mtime of the zone for non-dynamic zones,
> which seems to work well except for the occasional DNS validation tool
> baulking that we're not using YYYYMMDDNN format.  :-)

When I built my DNS zone creator, I got tired of users complaining that 
their zones has "errors" and so I re-coded my serials to start with YYYY 
followed by six digits based on the current date/time.

Oddly, that seems to fool most (although not all) of the DNS validation 
tools out there, despite the fact that I generate things like 2012804572 
which doesn't exactly have a "valid" MM or dd.

I've given up contacting so-called validation tools and asking them to 
remove warnings about valid serials, they seem happier reporting 
non-errors, and at best they'll return a "Not standard, but I guess it's 
okay". It's a shame too, as these tools can provide a sanity check.

Dave Warren

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