replysize problem

Lawrence K. Chen, P.Eng. lkchen at
Wed Jan 9 20:25:56 UTC 2013

Anybody know anything about F5 Big-IPs?

I was doing the replysize test on various DNS servers that I maintain, and found two are reporting a replysize limit less than 3843 (the result that I get for all my other DNS servers.)  And, with those two, they will alternate between a limit that is a few bytes short of 3843 to only being 1086 bytes.

Have had the IT security people look over the firewalls and our Procera (which is known to consider DNSSEC to be encrypted udp bittorrent, and block it) to see if there's something different that's affecting just those two servers.

But, they say that there isn't anything different now in the configurations for these two DNS servers and the rest of my DNS servers.

So, the only other difference I can think of is, is that these two servers are in a pool behind our F5.

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