MNAME not a listed NS record

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Wed Jan 16 22:33:00 UTC 2013

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Date: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 5:05 PM
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>> From: Dave Warren <lists at>
>> Various online DNS diagnostic tools throw warnings,
>Speaking of so called DNS diagnostic tools, one claims that my domains
>have DNS servers with "private" network addresses.  My only guess is
>that they don't know the difference between IPv6 addresses and
>RFC 1918 addresses.  On the other hand, maybe that was random FUD
>intended to drum up business, because they've stopped that nonsense
>in the last 3 days and without my changing anything.

Same thing here.  It's important to remember these tools are written by
humans that also have busy mornings where they don't get to drink enough
coffee...  :-)

Awhile back we updated an internal tool that generates DNS records as part
of a hosted email solution and one of these tools started baulking.
Everything we were doing was RFC compliant, but the tool turned red.  This
spawned a lot of calls to support from customers who took the tool as an
omniscient being, support escalated to management because the customer is
always right (and were threatening to go elsewhere even after being
pointed to relevant RFCs and walking through dig showing everything worked
just fine in practice).

After triple-checking the RFCs and contacting the maintainer with our
justification, the tool started doing the right thing a few weeks later.

So now we need tools that check the tools, and they need to be written by
omniscient beings...

Failing that, the big thing I hope folks learn from this is that automated
tools written by third parties are helpful at times, but no substitute for
familiarity with standards and generally understanding how things work.

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