what do you use for logging?

Mike Hoskins (michoski) michoski at cisco.com
Thu Jan 17 20:58:49 UTC 2013

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From: Alan Batie <alan at peak.org>
Date: Thursday, January 17, 2013 1:52 PM
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Subject: Re: what do you use for logging?

>On 1/17/13 10:48 AM, Jan-Piet Mens wrote:
>>> By the way, all of the BIND10 logging
>>> messages are unique and we provide a paragraph or more documentation
>>> each of its 933 possible log identifiers!)
>> I haven't checked whether you have that, but that screams for a CLI
>> utility to show the paragraph without having to browse documentation. :)
>We use rsyslog here...

Could "CLI utility" be man(1) and info(1)?  :-)

I agree, being able to access the full documentation from command line is
always useful...but probably doesn't require a new utility so much as an
investment in porting documentation to applicable formats.

FWIW, we package our own from source internally, and use
syslog-ng/rsyslog/logstash/elasticsearch.  Syslog as the default is
perfectly fine with us.  I do also use the rotated file method a few
places, so hoping that doesn't disappear.

Thanks for asking the list.

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