new dlz_wildcard module

Vadim S. Goncharov vgoncharov at
Wed Jan 23 11:03:11 UTC 2013


I've written a new DLZ module, dlz_wildcard, which we use to serve one 
static zone for a template FQDN, configured in named.conf just like a plain 
zone, e.g.:

dlz "dlz_stub_zone" {
    database "dlz_wildcard *porno*.com 10.0.* 1800
       @      3600    SOA   { 42 14400 7200 
2592000 600}
       @      3600    NS
       @      3600    NS
       @      3600    NS
       @      3600    MX    {5}
       ftp    86400   A
       sql    86400   A
       tmp    {}      A
       txt    300     TXT   {\"you requested $record$ in $zone$\"}
       *      86400   A


argv[1] = *porno*.com - standard unix shell-pattern of zone name
argv[2] = 10.0.*      - shell-pattern of IP addrs who can AXFR
argv[3] = 1800        - is like $TTL, used as default ("{}") for "tmp"

Attached file is currently just a patch for DLZ_STUB, it is placed over it, 
e.g. how to install for FreeBSD (must enable checkbox for DLZ_STUB):

cd /usr/ports/dns/bind98
make clean
make patch
cp /path/dlz_wildcard_driver.c 
make WITH_DEBUG=1 install

Is anybody interested in inclusion of this new module in BIND distribution, 
so that it could be made to be full separate new module available in 
./configure (instead of patch to dlz_stub) ?

Vadim Goncharov     <vgoncharov at>           RU-Center
NET Department                  
NET-SYS Group             phone:+7(495)737-7646  (ext.4019)
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