How to measure the impact of enabling DNSSEC?

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>> > Would measuring the number of SERVFAIL entries in the "query-errors"
>> > category be a good indicator of what impact enabling DNSSEC has?
>> DNSSEC is like wearing a seatbelt.  99.99% of the time it has no
>> impact.  And like a seatbelt it can save you (reject spoofed answers)
>> or hinder you (lookups fail due to the zone not being re-signed)
>> on rare occasions.
> That makes sense to me; I was looking for a way to quantify the affect
> enabling DNSSEC validation in a Bind server.
> Measuring SERVFAILs seems to be a good proxy to measure DNSSEC's impact.
> Thanks for the reply.

SERVFAILS are not rare and come from many things. Looking at the delta
after enabling validation might be interesting, but in my experience
you are unlikely to see any difference beyond the jitter that will
always be there. Except for a couple of major goofs early on by a few
large orgs (e.g. NASA), the impact of validation is about zip.
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