Reverse address entries

John Horne john.horne at
Tue Jul 2 16:35:59 UTC 2013

On Tue, 2013-07-02 at 14:42 +0100, Sam Wilson wrote:

> Can anyone here give examples of the types of various software that will 
> not operate without a PTR record?
Nope, and our entire reverse zone was externally inaccessible for many
months! (See previous posts on the bind9-users list from me about the
problem.) As far as we could tell no services blocked us because of a
failed reverse lookup. In fact it was one of the reasons we didn't
immediately spot the problem.

We were alerted to the problem because we got long delays (around 20
seconds) when accessing a site doing a reverse lookup. That service
then, no doubt the same as with SMTP, then proceeded but without the
reverse lookup answer.


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