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Eduardo Bonsi beartcom at
Tue Jul 2 19:02:05 UTC 2013

On 7/2/13 9:35 AM, John Horne wrote:
> On Tue, 2013-07-02 at 14:42 +0100, Sam Wilson wrote:
>> Can anyone here give examples of the types of various software that will
>> not operate without a PTR record?
> Nope, and our entire reverse zone was externally inaccessible for many
> months! (See previous posts on the bind9-users list from me about the
> problem.) As far as we could tell no services blocked us because of a
> failed reverse lookup. In fact it was one of the reasons we didn't
> immediately spot the problem.
> We were alerted to the problem because we got long delays (around 20
> seconds) when accessing a site doing a reverse lookup. That service
> then, no doubt the same as with SMTP, then proceeded but without the
> reverse lookup answer.
> John.
I have been reading all your concerns about reverse FQDNS. In my 
example, we are a very small firm and I am the IT network admin 
responsible for configuring our server. One of the reasons I configured 
our server was because we deal with Photography, graphic design and 
occasionally presentations of Movies. These are fat files that are not 
viable to send thru emails. Our setup is far from being perfect and does 
not follow the ISC BIND advised rules of how I would like to follow to 
run a proper server. Like two different networks, one ip address for 
every and web services and so forth. Believe me, I would 
love to do that if I had the budget for it. Therefore, that is not 
really my decision but it falls under the way my ISP charges $$$ for 
each ip address and reverse setup. So, I decided to work with what I 
have and be happy with the limitations and at the same time try to work 
around them. I put a lot of thought in the beginning about the issue of: 
-Should I reverse my main NS or Should I just leave it alone since I do 
not do any transfer or run any email server from my server. I thought in 
the beginning; "Well, no spammer will attempt to relay through my server 
since this will be one more reason they will not get things to work 
properly." However, this is not really a concern. Like I said, my set up 
is not perfect but everything works fine from my end so far with 
limitations! …and Yes, I do occasionally have a very short delay between 
the main "www.mydomain" and "mydomain" but the same delay never happened 
with the other domains/websites I am running under the same ip address. 
I guess I could reverse my main domain to my one and only static ip 
address and my question would be: - Does that would affect the other 
websites I am serving using the same ip address? Thanks everyone for 
this wealth discussion!

Eduardo B
System - Network Admin
beartcom at

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