BIND Service Hung

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I’m running BIND on CentOS 5.3 on 12 Cache only DNS Servers (recursive),
its BIND 9.3 its bit outdated yes, planning to upgrade to latest bind on
Ubuntu server along with the hardware.


These DNS Server sometime is serving around 17Mbps of DNS queries on peak
hour, 16 Cores, only around 12% utilization on each cores, 16GB RAM. 

Now the problem is sometimes (not quite often, just seldomly) Named on one
of this server is just plain not responding, the process is still there but
just not responding to any queries, when this happened the only way to
revive it is to kill the PID and restart the named service, plain service
named restart not working. 


and nothing on logs. 


What seems to be the problem, is it because the bind version is too

PS: sometimes this happens when our upstream is down, many unanswered DNS
request sometimes trigger named not responding. 


Best Regards,


Arie Lendra Putra 


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