Reverse Lookups with Forwarders

sumsum 2000 sum2hike at
Tue Jul 9 06:21:46 UTC 2013

I have a reverse lookup zone file configuration as follows:
zone "0/" {
        type forward; forward only;
        forwarders {;};

When I do dig -x, I expect it to forward it to, but instead, it uses the default resolver.

Am I missing something.

The address space matches 255 address ranging from So if DNS Server X is configured against this zone
, then any reverse DNS request for
should be forwarded via DNS Server X
Currently this is not the case. There is no forwarding in the above
scenario ( where CIDR notation x.x.x.x/Mask is used) . All requests
are forwarded via global resolver only
Although a reverse lookup x.x.x.x/Mask does route through DNS Server X
but this does not seem to be valid QNAME format for PTR queries.

Only when the zone file is changed to
                        zone "" IN {
                                type forward;
                                forwarders {;};
                                forward only;

All the requests for  is forwarded to
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