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Miles Brennan miles at
Tue Jul 9 08:05:06 UTC 2013

Hey All.


New list user here.. Miles from Brisbane.AU, currently tinkering with BIND10
just to see what it's like and evaluate stability for potential use in a


Background: A Geek!, I authored the Linux Home Server HOWTO
( <> ) a few years back to make it
easier for users to build their own home environment.


I looked long and hard for a good init / upstart script for BIND10, but
ended up writing my own to suit my CentOS 6.4 environment.


I thought you might like it for your WIKI so others can start playing with
BIND10 a little more.



-        initctl start bind10

-        initctl restart bind10

-        initctl stop bind10







vi /etc/init/bind10.conf



description "BIND10 is a DNS server with DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 server support"



export PATH


start on runlevel [345]

stop on runlevel [0126]


pre-start script


        exec logger -p user.warning -t upstart-bind10 "BIND10 daemon


end script


exec b10-init --user bind --config-file /usr/local/var/bind10/b10-config.db

               --pid-file /usr/local/var/bind10/ \

               --msgq-socket-file /usr/local/var/bind10/msgq_socket \

               --data-path /usr/local/var/bind10 --cmdctl-port 8080




post-stop exec logger -p user.warning -t upstart-bind10 "BIND10 daemon



kill timeout 30

console none





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