BIND Performance with Huge RPZ

Steven Carr sjcarr at
Fri Jul 12 10:29:32 UTC 2013

On 12 July 2013 11:11, Arie L. Putra <arielp at> wrote:
> Has anyone have experience, how RPZ with huge list will impact BIND
performance, will it reduce DNS response time? we have six DNS server that
will point to this server, each server is serving about 15Mbps of DNS
Traffic on peak hour.
> this server is a Ubuntu box with 2 Xeon (total of 12 core, 24 if include
HT), 16GB RAM.

It's very difficult to predict the impact on performance in general. But
every query will hit the RPZ zone to be checked against, so make sure you
have enough RAM to hold all 800k records in memory then that will
significantly speed things up.

The guidance figures that I've seen banded around by a BIND based DNS
appliance is that it will have ~30% impact on query performance per RPZ
feed that has to be looked up against.

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