Slave not creating/updating zones

Grace Ingabire grace.i at
Mon Jul 15 08:56:30 UTC 2013

Dear Team,


I have an issue where by my slave machine does not create/update new zones
while pulling zones from the master.  is configured as my master, see result run from my

dig axfr


; <<>> DiG 9.8.1-P1 <<>> axfr

; (1 server found)

;; global options: +cmd                 86400   IN      SOA 2013071522 21600 3600 604800 86400                 86400   IN      NS                 86400   IN      NS                 86400   IN      TXT     "Generation Time:
1373884211"         86400   IN      NS         86400   IN      NS


Serial number is updating on both my 2 slaves but zones are empty.

Permission on my slave where zones should be created is bind:bind and
directory created for zones has this permission: drwxr-sr-x 2 bind bind 4096
Jul 15 10:30 rw

Logs shows that the transfer has been started and ended but don't see those


What could be the issue here?


Thanks for your assistance on this.


Best Regards,






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