IPv4 not working reverse on > /24 cidr

Ryan Pavely paradox at nac.net
Mon Jul 22 14:49:25 UTC 2013

Ok.  What am I doing wrong?  As far as I know this has worked for years 
and sometime, weeks, months, years, ago it stopped.

This is for doing > /24 (greater in cidr smaller in size)
Example: we have a /25 that we host... and another /25 we host.. so we 
split it up into smaller files unless we own the entire/24

The config is loaded.
Rndc reload reports all is well.
But a lookup fails.


BIND 9.9.3-P1 on Linux

== included file in named.conf
zone "128/" {
         type master;
         file "/usr/named/rev/";

   Ryan Pavely
    Net Access Corporation

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