Ian Manners ian at
Tue Jul 23 16:07:16 UTC 2013

Hi Carl,

> There seems to be a common idea in many educational institutions that
> sending unwanted traffic in the name of research is ok.

Which is why I have so many educational institutions
are blacklisted in my firewall.. I nolonger report abuse,
I simply add to the BL permanently now.

2 are whitelisted because they asked nicely, and they have
something I want so its a mutual thing.

There are a lot of others such as Anti-virus online scanners
that check websites before the 'client' lands on the page, 
and pen testing companys that also think its fine to sling crp
at anyones server for testing, or checking, with no hint of
asking before doing so. Same basket as all the bots that
read robots.txt then ignore it, because they can.

This is becoming a bigger issue for many at present,
especially when people like myself have limited bandwidth,
though I check logs as well I nolonger investigate to much,
I simply update the relevant conf file.

Ian Manners

Ian Manners

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