BIND slave stops updating from master after 1-3 days

Brandon Whaley brandonw at
Tue Jul 30 22:19:00 UTC 2013

That's certainly disconcerting (and diverges from the behavior we continue
to see with BIND 9.3).  Is there any reason these updates would work
without issue immediately after a restart but stop working at some point
later?  As you can see in the logs I provided in my initial post (relevant
lines copied below) it does work as I described after a restart, for an
as-yet-determined amount of time:

29-Jul-2013 10:43:34.879 notify: info: client received
notify for zone ''
29-Jul-2013 10:43:34.890 general: info: zone serial number
(2011061500) received from master < ours (2013022611)
29-Jul-2013 10:43:34.900 general: info: zone refresh:
non-authoritative answer from master (source
29-Jul-2013 10:43:34.904 general: info: zone refresh:
non-authoritative answer from master (source
29-Jul-2013 10:43:34.915 general: info: zone Transfer
29-Jul-2013 10:43:34.916 xfer-in: info: transfer of '' from connected using
29-Jul-2013 10:43:34.919 general: info: zone transferred
serial 2013072910
29-Jul-2013 10:43:34.919 xfer-in: info: transfer of '' from Transfer completed: 1 messages, 23 records, 719 bytes, 0.002
secs (359500 bytes/sec)
29-Jul-2013 10:43:35.379 notify: info: client received
notify for zone ''
29-Jul-2013 10:43:35.380 general: info: zone notify from zone is up to date

On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 6:06 PM, Steven Carr <sjcarr at> wrote:

> On 30 July 2013 22:52, Brandon Whaley <brandonw at>wrote:
>> Once every few minutes the reload occurs on the master, which sends the
>> notify to our slave servers, who should check serials on all the masters
>> and transfer from the latest.
> I think this is your problem. From what I understand BIND does not do
> this. It will contact the last server that it received an update from and
> check the serial, if it's greater then it will update, but it certainly
> won't chase around each master server looking to see if one of them has a
> higher version.
> I think you need to fix the way you have implemented the masters, BIND
> doesn't support multi-master DNS which is what you are trying to implement.
> If you need this functionality then Microsoft does (to a point, there still
> is effectively a master but as it's distributed through LDAP it handles
> multiple updates in the background using a timestamp of the update as the
> decider) but then IMHO it's just not BIND.
> Steve
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