does zone trump forward?

Jonathan Reed cronstate at
Sun Jun 2 19:10:32 UTC 2013

I've only ever come across bind configs where forwarding is in place to
locate certain zones, then all other queries are handled by either
recursion or authoritatively. But what about the other way around, where
I'm master for a few zones but forward the rest? Consider this:

view "the-internet" {
    recursion no;
    type forward;
    forwarders {; };
    zone "" {
        type master
        file ""

Whats confusing me is the implied configuration setting of forward first
when the forward statement is used. If it truly forwards first, then I see
an odd logical scenario happening. All queries are sent to the forwarder
before being handled by localhost. Then, once the forwarder recognizes that
I'm the master of, why would a loop not occur if the forwarder
matches this view?
To ask the question another way, does the zone statement take precedence on
matching queries over any forwarding?

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