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Tue Jun 4 05:37:15 UTC 2013

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 "Novosielski, Ryan" <novosirj at> wrote:

> If it were not already in the cache, I would not need to refresh the cache. 
> Are you absolutely certain? If so, it is possible that this is a difference 
> between BIND and AD DNS (I'm generally trying to refresh AD DNS caches), but 
> I'm nearly certain I've used this to update a cached entry on a BIND-hosted 
> domain. 

Try the following test:

Pick a name that has both A and MX records, but isn't currently in cache.

dig <name> a @server
dig <name> any @server

I have no idea what MS DNS does, but I'm pretty certain that if you 
direct this to the BIND server the second query will only return the A 
record, not the MX record.

Barry Margolin
Arlington, MA

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