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Tony Finch dot at
Wed Jun 5 18:33:47 UTC 2013

Vernon Schryver <vjs at> wrote:
> If you have a domain to which you can can add records for a subdomain
> with differing 5-30 second TTLs and can spend not just 5 seconds but
> a few minutes playing around, you might come to my conclusion.  I think
> they treat ANY as if it were psuedo-rdataset containing some of the
> RRs for the domain with a TTL equal to the minimum of all of the TTLs
> of the contained rdatasets.  (I thought I sometimes get only some of
> the record types for my Christmas tree test domain from, but
> now I seem to always get all of them.)

I thought Google Public DNS re-fetched RRsets as they were expiring in
order to keep the cache populated, which would explain what you see, but
they don't mention it on

> 5 years ago that might have been a good hack,

I believe the ANY hack on mail servers was a Sendmailism 20ish years ago.
It was a bad hack then and it has remained a bad hack :-)

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