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Mon Jun 17 23:04:36 UTC 2013

On 2013-06-17, at 4:11 PM, Charles Swiger wrote:

> On Jun 17, 2013, at 3:00 PM, Norman Fournier <norman at> wrote:
>> [ ... ]
>> (...Members of the httpd-users list says the same thing - its not an httpd problem.
> From what you've said below, they're quite right.
>> I am just trying to take possibilities off my list of potential errors, sorry if I am annoying you, it's unintentional and symptomatic of my ignorance, so I'm asking questions. I think that is a legitimate use of my subscription to this list, and the list's raison d'être. Surely the list is not exclusively for individuals who know what they're talking about?..)
> This list is for discussion of ISC's BIND.

For me, the list is called bind-users, not bind-discussion. BIND discussion would be a higher echelon than a user list. I'm a bind user and I have a Domain Name Server problem, somewhere, that I have been trying to solve for a long time and am going over my steps once again. I need to get my webserver online and there is a problem with the name or lookup or the router. I have not found any errors in httpd, bind or the router configuration that have solved it. The latest hint I got was an ostensible missing PTR record, which, to me, made it relevant to BIND.

> Let's assume that you've got a D-Link router which has a single public IP from your provider, and provides NAT translation for a private RFC-1918 subnet, and you've placed your webserver on a VM which lives behind that D-Link router.  If so, you will need to enable static port forwarding for 80/tcp to the VM running the webserver, or perhaps place that IP in the router's "Enable DMZ Host" section of the firewall config.
> This is basic networking; it doesn't have any close relationship to either DNS or webservers.

The ports forwarded to the webserver are unchanged since 2005; dns, http and ssh to appropriate ports. The router did change, the static ips changed, as well as the physical location of the network and servers. I don't know what the issue is, that's why I asked about including explicit PTR files to the domain name, as well as the localhost, which is the latest in a list of "possible irregularities" I have turned up so far that I need to confirm one way or the other.

I do appreciate you taking valuable time to answer. I have to wade into it all again. I hope I am still welcome to ask questions here as I have seen others do, since I subscribed to this list in an effort to learn about BIND and DNS, a number of years ago.


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