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Sorry, I forgot to mention that the Servers were running "Windows Server 2008". Linux does not seem to be affected.

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Hi Bind-Users and Devs,

We are running servers which have an IP netmask of and on which we had configured BIND to "allow-recursion { localnets; };". In this setting I would expect that only requests from the localhost allow recursion as there is no localnet.  However, BIND allows recursion globally, here - and we were running open resolvers.

Could this be a bug or is this the wanted behavior?

To the background of my question: Every Parallels Plesk installation brings a BIND with default config set to "allow-recursion { localnets; };". I would humbly assume that the above described behavior could be the reason for at least some open resolvers in the wild.

I'm happy to read your comments,

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Lance Spitzner  <lspitz at> wrote:
>I am attempting to limit recursive requests
>to my internal network only.  However,
> allow-recursion { localnets; };
> Doesn't seem to be doing the trick.  What
> is the proper way of limiting recursive lookups
> to a specific system/network?

That's the way to do it.  What seems to be going wrong?

Barry Margolin, barmar at
Genuity, Burlington, MA
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