Secondary DNS question...

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Wed Jun 26 14:54:04 UTC 2013

>> All very interesting, but I'm afraid at my level of expertise on DNS, I'm
>> not following.  If I'm broken, how do I attempt to fix?  Someone mentioned
>> that our was not authoritative.  How does one even
>> decide that?  As far as I know I haven't had any issues until now...

>On Jun 26, 2013, at 12:38 AM, Frank Bulk <frnkblk at> wrote:
>> Do you have a box such as a firewall or load-balancer sitting in front of
>> ns1?

On 26.06.13 01:46, SH Development wrote:
>No, the box is hanging right off the internet on a static IP.

there's apparently something wrong about your server or its firewall. The
DNS responses (at least for the SOA) come out broken (at least they get
invalid here), however I have no idea in which way they are broken.

Maybe someone with better DNS knowledge could look at output I have posted
before. Available at or pcap
format at

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