servfail response message question

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Thu Jun 27 16:47:12 UTC 2013

Here is the zone file and db file, without the AAAA record.

zone ""{
type master;
file "/etc/bind/";
forwarders {};

; BIND data file for
$TTL604800 (
     20; Serial
   1800; Refresh
    900; Retry
2419200; Expire
   1200 ); Negative Cache TTL
;main domain name server
@       IN      A
ns      IN      A

;CNAME section to direct query to LB. This should
;match service name in LB

;alias to GSLB for www
www     IN      CNAME

;sub-domain delegation to LB

gslb IN NS ; primary dns vip-east
LB1.gslb IN A ; primary glue record

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On 26.06.13 13:20, RYAN CHERVENKA wrote:
>The Ubuntu server is delegating a sub-domain to the LB. The LB is
> authoritative for the domain and is responding to client requests

for the domain or the subdomain?

> correctly.  I removed the @  IN AAAA ::1 from the db file within the
> primary domain and the response was sent back to the client from the
> ubuntu server.  Leaving the ipv6 RR in the zone db file caused the
> servfail.  I don't know why.

It would be best if you provided us those domains, if they are accessible
from us.

however I have noticed many different issues with any kinds of DNS load
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