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Sten Carlsen stenc at
Wed May 8 15:12:50 UTC 2013

You probably want to use host myhost, that does use the resolv.conf as
the system normally would. And it works better than nslookup.

On 08/05/13 16:56, Evan Hunt wrote:
>> dig myhost
> By default dig only uses fully qualified domain names. "dig +search"
> does what you want.
>> It would search for that host in path1 or path2 listed above.? It does
>> not, a +trace shows the resolver querying the root servers for myhost.?
>> So it appears the search command does not work in environment.
>> [root at server1 # dig myhost +trace
> ...but "dig +trace" behaves completely differently, searching for the
> name from the root zone down and never touching the local resolver at
> all, so this would have queried the root server even if you'd used a

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