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Wed May 8 15:15:07 UTC 2013

Don't forget that Bonjour actually uses .local and will be very sour if
it is sued for other purposes, I have tried.

On 08/05/13 16:56, Jeremy P wrote:
> I am building a lab environment where there are several separate
> domains, all of them ending in .local
> I've setup a server for the .local TLD, but I'm undecided (or perhaps
> ignorant) as to the best way to have the individual domains
> (domain1.local, domain2.local, etc) refer to the local zone on my TLD
> server.  Currently I've also created a root server and set the root
> hints on domain1.local's dns server to refer to it.  This works for
> local resolution, but this means that domain1.local can't perform
> Internet lookups.
> Thanks for any help,
> Jeremy
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