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On 05/08/2013 01:28 PM, WBrown at wrote:
>> From: Steven Carr <sjcarr at>
>> Any chance someone can correct the settings on this mailing list
>> to reply to the list by default instead of the user posting the
>> message?
> Why, Are the settings wrong?
> I have used and later run lists for years, and supported
> Listserv(tm) servers for others for most of those years.  There is
> no right or wrong for the reply settings.  It's really a personal
> preference of the list owner as to how replies should be handled.
> If the message should go back to the list, use reply all.  That's
> supported by all the major mail clients.
> Subject tagging is another preference item - no right or wrong.  I
> have my mail client filter on the sender moving list traffic into
> the appropriate folder.  Works just as well as filtering on the
> tag.

My personal preference is to have subject tagging, and I know of no
other list where it's not on.

Reply-To: my understanding is that the way this list set up is the
correct way to have the list set up. There are reply-to-list options
in most decent mail clients that can handle this.

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