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>It would be a waste of money as their systems never leave the local
>network, except through a NAT connection.
>Godaddy is selling .coms for $0.99 right now (US/Canada). In the spirit
>of an educational setting, it might be a viable exercise for students to
>understand how easy and affordable
> it is to establish a legitimate digital entity.

The spirit of education is often saving money based on a former life as a
lab tech.  While cheap, the proposal to "just go register a real one!"
seems good for $registrar, but potentially bad for the Internet (will we
end up with a bunch of garbage domains that are never used again, and
might actually want to be used by someone else, but will then be squatted
when they expire? yada yada), and better suited for business vs school

Also, I had a digital entity long before entering a college setting.  I
suspect kids these days are even more likely to have similar.  If real is
the answer, maybe most students wouldn't have to do anything at all.

I really think a lab experiment would be fine using local TLDs, but I
guess it's impossible to really know how valid some of the concerns are
unless we sit through the class or see the course material.  :-)

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