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Thu May 9 18:52:26 UTC 2013

> From: Jeremy P <jpcraigs at>

> In my experience the students who "get it" and comprehend the 
> concepts are able to heed the warnings of "in real life, we would do
> this a little different".  The students who don't "get it" are gonna
> misconfigure regardless of what TLD I tell them to use in the lab.  
> They'll probably also assign addresses in the 2001:DB8::/32 range 
> because they saw it in documentation.  My advice: hire the former 
> and pass on the latter and everything will be ok ;-)

Many students are more clued in than some teachers give them credit for. 
They will understand that what they see in class is not the same as 
they'll see in the real world.  It's that other portion that will go on to 
cause mayhem or get elected to public office.  It's easy to say "pass on 
the later", but they will eventually get hired because they managed to 
squeak through an A+ or Microsoft certification and someone scrapes the 
bottom of the barrel because they're not willing to pay for talent.

Or maybe they'll just be the the offspring of a friend of the person in 
the corner office.  I wish I could say I've never seen that happen!

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