Negative zones; NXDOMAIN responses

Sten Carlsen stenc at
Sun May 19 22:14:02 UTC 2013

>> These LAN have a BIND9 service to provide name resolving and caching for
>> internet access, and I want to intercept the .local domain to give a
>> NXDOMAIN response. The internet ISP returns positive values for .local
>> queries, and I need that LAN clients receive NXDOMAIN instead.
.local actually has meaning for most modern systems, so I would question
the wisdom of what you want to do.

You may find some functions of systems not working any more. Obviously
it is up to you in the end.
>>> Can I create a zone file for .local domain and specify there NXDOMAIN
>>> values for SOA and A RRs? How should be the content of the zone sheet?

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