Help on NXDOMAIN to try next forwarder in the list

sumsum 2000 sum2hike at
Thu May 30 09:30:08 UTC 2013

This is a non-standard behavior and  I would like to have the following:
In the case where I am working on,
 /etc/resolv.conf  contains localhost  and BIND is listening on
localhost port 53 as non-authoritative DNS

So all the requests are sent through and based on the domain they
are in forward only mode.

There are specific domains for eg There are specific
authoritative  DNS servers which contain this record.  is forwarded to,, which are specific authoritative
DNS servers to But administrator does not know which one has
The option is to change BIND code to have this behavior. I  wanted to check
if there is some patch/way to get this done.
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