Help on NXDOMAIN to try next forwarder in the list

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Fri May 31 07:35:32 UTC 2013

On 30.05.13 12:56, sumsum 2000 wrote:
>I have zone forwarders as follows with BIND9 setup with forward only option
>on a Non Authoritative DNS server
>zone  "" IN  {
>        type forward;
>        forwarders {;;};
>        forward only;

On 30.05.13 15:00, sumsum 2000 wrote:
>This is a non-standard behavior and  I would like to have the following:
>In the case where I am working on,
> /etc/resolv.conf  contains localhost  and BIND is listening on
>localhost port 53 as non-authoritative DNS
>So all the requests are sent through and based on the domain they
>are in forward only mode.

There is no point in forwarding just one domain to google recursive servers. 
Either forward ALL domains there (but in such case you could simply avoid
local BIND and point resolv.conf to google), or point the domain directly to
its servers instead of google.

Since BIND 9.8 and you can do it by using "type static-stub" instead of type
forward and use server-addresses instead of forwarders.

>There are specific domains for eg There are specific
>authoritative  DNS servers which contain this record.

If you are trying to say that some of authoritative servers for a domain do
know about one record and others do not know, then the servers and the
domain are broken and they need to be fixed.

>  is forwarded to,
>, which are specific authoritative
>DNS servers to But administrator does not know which one has

So, is that or or
It would be easier to look at the problem if you provided us correct data.

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