Help on NXDOMAIN to try next forwarder in the list

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Fri May 31 12:01:18 UTC 2013

On 31.05.13 16:41, sumsum 2000 wrote:
>The google DNS server was only examples.. it can be some internal DNS
>servers and external DNS servers. For eg; etc.
>where the DNS requests are being forwarded to..

Then it was bad example. You use "type forward" when you want to ask other
server to recursively resolve the domain instead of yours.the example with
google servers even supported this case.
As I have stated in my previous e-mail, you can use "type static-stub" if
you want specific server to answer your questions (non-recursively).

>There are issues with connectivity where the DNS entries are not synced up.

How long do the issues usually persist? What kind are they, slaves not
fetching from master?  Or do you use forwarders and they return NXDOMAIN? 
In the first case you need to fix connectivity issues or make them less
important, in the second lower your SOA "minimum" value (which affects the
negative TTL)

>And these entries are all specific to  say "" where the DNS
>are residing in several locations..
>So when my local DNS is returning NXDOMAIN, the other locations which might
>have the entries are not tried.
>the example is an example where my list is
>; for example..  i try - NXDOMAIN
>returned.. i want to try before sending NXDOMAIN to my initial

This was answered already: It's impossible and illogical to ask again if
someone replies THERE IS NO SUCH RECORD.  You need to fix your DNS
infrastructure, not try to circumvent it's issues.

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