Recursive server forwarding dynamic updates

Bojan Tomic tomicb at
Wed Oct 2 08:41:01 UTC 2013

Thanks Phil!

I've tried  "allow-update-forwarding", but my understanding is that this
option only works for slave servers!? What i'm looking for is dynamic
update forwarding from non-authoritative server. Can allow-update-forwarding
also work with non-authoritative server?  We are building an internal
closed solution so source IP checking is not necessary.

On Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 8:56 AM, Phil Mayers <p.mayers at> wrote:

> On 10/02/2013 07:51 AM, Bojan Tomic wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm looking for a way to setup a recursive/forwarding named server to
>> forward dynamic updates
> See "allow-update-forwarding" in the ARM. Obviously you will lose source
> IP / TSIG key info, so will need to perform access checks at the forwarding
> server, and allow everything you need at the target server from the
> source/key of the forwarder.
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