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Tue Oct 8 00:11:31 UTC 2013

In message <525349B3.6090402 at>, Jim Pazarena writes:
> I have a client who has been assigned a /20 from ARIN.
> They asked me to help them with their DNS.
> The DNS for me is the easy part. except...
> ARIN has told them that you use the DNS to set up the routing so that
> the traffic for this /20 gets routed to the correct up-stream provider.
I think this is a case of "$ethnicity whispers".

If they have a /20 then they need to setup 16 reverse zones, one for
each /24 in the /20.

If they are delegating smaller blocks to others then they may need
to swip the smaller block.  If those blocks are between /21 and /24
inclusive this will allow for reverse delegations direct from arin
to the client.  If those blocks are for a /25 or longer they may
want to look at RFC 2317 style delegations or allow the client to
dynamically update their part of the reverse zone.


> Is this correct? If so, where in DNS do you set up routing.
> if it's not correct, what am I missing? I always thought DNS had 100%
> nothing to do with routing on the 'net. Boy am I confused.
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