Terrible trouble with DNSSEC and GoDaddy

staticsafe me at staticsafe.ca
Sun Oct 13 22:12:03 UTC 2013

On 10/13/2013 17:34, John Oliver wrote:
> Venting aside, does anyone have a contact at GoDaddy that doesn't suffer
> from a terminal case of rectal-cranial invesrion?  I'm mainly
> experimenting with DNSSEC, and don't want to move all of my domains over
> this one issue.  But then, if this is the level of technical support I
> can expect, maybe I should bite the bullet and go.

Do yourself a favour and switch registrars. GoDaddy isn't worth your 
time and/or money. I suggest Gandi for a registrar that is competent and 
supports DNSSEC [0].

[0] - http://wiki.gandi.net/en/domains/dnssec

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