Refreshing cache in other DNS servers

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Tue Oct 15 12:03:11 UTC 2013

On 15.10.13 19:38, babu dheen wrote:
> I am running BIND caching DNS server in Redhat Linux. This DNS server is
>used as name server for other DNS servers which are running in Windows
>2003.  Whenever I modify a existing record in BIND DNS caching server zone,
>its not immediately taking affect in my Windows DNS servers.  But if I
>clear the Windows DNS server DNS cache, its taking affect.

> Is it possible to enforce/refresh cache of other DNS server through BIND
> DNS server once modification is done in zone file?

No. Only server admins can maintain caches.

Your job is to set TTL high enough not to cause you big load and not to time
out when your servers fail, but low enough to refresah when needed.

The standard way to handle this situation is, when you know you are going to
make a change, to lower TTL of a particular RR to a small value (e.g.  300)
and after change to restore the TTL to sane standard value (e.g.  43200).

You may ask for access to win2003 servers to manipulate their caches, or
configure your zone as slave on them and send notifies to them, so they
notice as soon as possible.

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