Refreshing cache in other DNS servers

Mark Andrews marka at
Tue Oct 15 22:14:16 UTC 2013

In message <525D9517.6050700 at>, Kevin Darcy writes:
> There's no way within the DNS protocol itself to reach out and tell a 
> nameserver to purge an entry in its cache that hasn't expired yet.
> There are "out of band" ways: e.g. restart, recycle, rndc commands, etc. 
> All of those require admin access to the nameserver instances in 
> question. But nothing within the DNS protocol itself allows one to do this.
> That's why everyone is saying you need to reduce the TTL value *before* 
> you make a change, if you want that change to be visible quickly.
>                              - Kevin

If all the servers you are worried about are in your direct control
you can make them all slaves (offical or otherwise) for the zone
and use NOTIFY to trigger AXFR/IXFR requests.

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