Upgrade Bind documentation

Jeremy C. Reed jreed at isc.org
Thu Oct 24 20:53:23 UTC 2013

On Thu, 24 Oct 2013, Davis, Donald W wrote:

> Does anyone have any advice or perhaps documentation for upgrading Bind? I
> currently have two AIX servers running as Master/Slave. I need to upgrade
> from v9.8.1-P1 to v9.8.6.   I will need to document an implementation plan
> for change control and was hoping someone else may have something they can
> share.
> I?ve browsed the ISC web site looking for release notes, install/compile
> instructions, migration plans, etc without much success.

Here are some links for you:


The brief installation directions are in the tarballs' README file.

Our operating specific hints are at
but none for AIX.

We don't have a migration guide specific for 9.8 series (we do have a 
migration details from 8 to 9). I'd expect that all the configurations 
from 9.8.1 through 9.8.6 are compatible.  The 9.8.6 reference is at 
(and in the tarball).

I am working on a chart listing the major features introduces
and any incompatible changes to be aware of for all of our releases. But 
it is not ready yet.

  Jeremy C. Reed

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