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On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 6:15 AM, Joseph S D Yao <jsdy at> wrote:

> The MSW workstations and servers do only look up from the MSW AD servers,
> for some MSW reason that nobody can explain except "MS says they have to".
>  The MSW AD servers forward all DNS queries that they cannot resolve to the
> Linux/BIND resolving name servers.
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All of our Windows clients resolve through our Bind servers, and have no
problems with any AD resources.  The only MSW machines that point to our AD
DNS servers, are our DC's.  All clients will resolve just fine through
BIND, so long as your zones are configured correctly, and you can resolve
the necessary AD records through your BIND servers.  It doesn't matter what
type of DNS server you point clients to, be it Windows, BIND, etc, so long
as DNS is properly configured to forward requests to the appropriate

We don't have forwarders, or recursion enabled on our AD DNS servers.  I
prefer to keep it simple, and have one set of resolvers for all clients.

Jason K. Brandt
Systems Administrator
Bradley University
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