Private & separate DNS domains

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Tue Apr 8 13:30:14 UTC 2014

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 Joseph S D Yao <jsdy at> wrote:

> On 2014-04-08 06:08, Bryan Harris wrote:
> > ...
> > The current mechanism is to put the Windows AD server into the
> > resolv.conf BEFORE the BIND servers, since, as has been explained to
> > me a Linux server will perform a query against all three
> > simultaneously (that doesn’t immediately ring true to me, it’s just
> > what I was told).  ...
> ...
> You were told wrong about "simultaneously" from /etc/resolv.conf.  It 
> uses the first one that gives an answer.  If the first one times out, it 
> asks the next and ignores any response from the first, etc.  (If you 
> think about it, what happens if two "simultaneously" respond with 
> different answers?  If one never responds?) ...

Novell's LAN Workplace for DOS used to do simultaneous queries to 
however many (max 3 IIRC) servers you put in its RESOLV.CFG.  I've never 
seen it happen on a *ix/*ux box.  I can't remember if the slower servers 
received port unreachables when their answers trailed in behind the 


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