Clients Matching Multiple Views

Steven Carr sjcarr at
Wed Apr 9 08:14:55 UTC 2014

On 9 April 2014 08:37, Mike Meredith <mike.meredith at> wrote:
> Am I missing something obvious? Such as it should work, but I've
> somehow messed up? Or perhaps there's some option I've missed? Or am I
> out of luck?

That's not how views work. When you match a view then that's it, you
don't continue to check other views.

The two ways you suggested are the way to do this.

However, assuming you are using views on the same IP address and not
splitting it across internal/external servers as that would screw up
NS records), you can reuse the same zone file so those zones that
appear in both internal and external views refer back to the same zone
file, then when you update that zone file both views are updated.


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