Clients Matching Multiple Views

Steven Carr sjcarr at
Wed Apr 9 14:30:00 UTC 2014

On 9 April 2014 13:09, Mike Meredith <mike.meredith at> wrote:
> What I did in testing (and not very much at that) was to define the
> zones twice with different file names. Seemed to work fine ... at least
> the zone files and the journal files were created for both file names.

BIND will allow you to configure it like that but remember clients can
only update a _single_ view, so if you have the same zone in multiple
views then they will quickly get out of step if they are accepting
dynamic updates as some updates will be made in one view, others in
the other view.

So the easiest way to settle that is to have a _single_ authoritative
source for the dynamic zone that both internal/external clients can
update, then that zone is slaved to both the views needing to serve
it, AKA hidden master.

DNS & BIND (ISBN:9780596100575) is your friend :)


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