One Key File for Many Users

Alan Clegg alan at
Thu Apr 10 21:53:27 UTC 2014

On 4/10/14, 4:33 PM, Martin G. McCormick wrote:
> 	One way to allow account-holders on a system to be able
> to do nsupdates is to place the keys in each user's directory but this
> makes changing the keys later a laborious task. 
> Is there a proper way to create links to one key that will
> produce the same effect?
> 	I seem to recall trying something like that some time
> ago and having the updates fail because the key referenced was a
> link.

Seems much more of a UNIX admin question than one for bind-users, but...

You don't really give us enough information as to the level of knowledge
of you users (are they capable of doing:

    nsupdate -k /full/directory/path/to/key

If so, why not keep all the keys in one directory and chown/chmod them
as needed?


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